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Skulls & Roses custom press on nail set - regular

Custom made to order set of 10 reusable press on nails and application kit.

*Nail glue ships within Canada only. If you're outside of Canada you can purchase nail glue from Amazon or any drug store!

All nails are hand sculpted, filed and shaped with top of the line hard gel / Acrygel then designed and painted with the same top quality color and top coats.

Skulls & Roses: hand painted skulls and roses, flames and tones of gems. Matte finish with high gloss accents. Pictured in short coffin.

NOW OFFERING THREE SET TYPE OPTIONS! See shop for different listings

ACRYGEL SETS: These sets are TOUGH AS NAILS! (See what i did there?) Built up with a acrylic-gel hybrid, they offer the strength of acrylic nails, with the soak off ability of gel. They're super strong and durable. No issues with separation even if you are super hard on your hands.

GEL SETS: Strong and durable, Salon quality look and feel.

REGULAR SETS: Cost effective options for most designs. Done with the same gel base, color (3 Coats) and topcoats (2 coats), to give them as much strength as possible, they are just not built up with hard gel or acrygel so they are not AS strong. Short styles wear really nicely, even long term. I would recommend long style regular sets only for short term use, especially if you’d like to re-wear them!

*PLEASE check the size charts before ordering!

**Customization always welcome! If you’re not sure if I can do what you want, just shoot me an email first, I respond quickly!

***For sets with specified color options: orders made with no comments on color choice will be sent a set as pictured

See FAQ for care/application/removal instructions, and feel free to email me with any questions :)

Skulls & Roses custom press on nail set - regular

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