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Nailstry is the intersection of AI and beauty.  Our patent-pending precision fingernail technology enables you to discover nail artistry that is easy and accessible.  We are re-imagining the press-on nail purchasing process by eliminating the need for excess nails that produce waste and still don't always fit and sizing kits that prolong when you actually receive your nails.  Our process is simple, inclusive, and custom-fit just for you!  


Aurelia Edwards envisioned a world where getting her nails done didn't involve knowing her schedule two weeks out and spending 90 minutes in a nail salon to only spend another 30min a few days later soaking, peeling and picking off her new manicure - and destroying her natural nails in the process - at home. You see, Aurelia was a massage therapist, so having nail extensions and nail art posed a huge challenge with her day to day obligations, so press-on nails became her go-to manicure solution. One day she stumbled across the need for an easier way to purchase press-on nails online. She was getting ready to attend an out-of-state wedding and realized that she was missing a nail. The need for an immediate replacement nail coupled with the back and forth experience with nail designers over sizing prompted her creation of a virtual fingernail sizing tool that was supported by a diverse designer marketplace to simplify the overall press-on nail purchasing experience.

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