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Luxury press on nails are convenient, affordable, and reusable. Apply them within minutes instead of sitting for hours in a salon. Colebrook Nails press on nails are reusable up to 3 or more times and last 2 or more weeks if applied correctly. Luxury press on nails by Colebrook Nails are soft gel tips made with high quality gel and acrylic. They don't snap or break like drug store, plastic, machine made press on nails.

You will receive:
* 10 nails
* 1 application kit per order that includes
• a file
• a buffer
• alcohol pads
• a cuticle pusher
• nail glue
• a random scent cuticle oil pen
• a few sticky tabs for temporary wear
If you order more than one set, I will include more glue and sticky tabs. I also do custom orders!!

Hey Mickey

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