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Denim Days #4 Ready To Ship

Store-bought is cute and all but there is nothing like a one of a kind set.

All nails are made using hard gel to strengthen the press ons. Please order a sizing kit to get correct sizing as refunds are not allowed.

READY TO SHIP long length in medium sizes from thumb to pinky (1,5,4,6,8)

This set of nails include nails, instructions, a prep kit that contains one orangewood stick, one mini fingernail file, one set of nail adhesive stickers, one nail glue, and one alcohol wipe.


What’s the best way to preserve the nails for reuse?

I recommend you prepare a nice warm bowl of soapy water with some oil mixed in to allow the glue to loosen enough for your nails to pop right off. Let your nails fully dry before placing them back in the box to ensure that the adhesive will still stick.

Denim Days #4 Ready To Ship

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