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Bad Bob Spongebob-Inspired MTO Set

This set was inspired by “niynaileme” (on IG) with a lil JazztTouch added to it! It’s giving, evil Spongebob! It features different 3D textures, and abstract representations of some characters from the show! Each set is made to order (MTO) and topped with 4-6 coats of gel to ensure durability.

Includes 10 nails, prep kit, and instructions 🤍 Available in all shapes.

Free Sizing Kit is included with every MTO set purchase!

**XXL Coffin shape is pictured

Select “N/A” for XXL LIPSTICK shape

Full sets require no nail sizing kit! You will receive this design as a Ready-To Ship ( RTS) order; meaning, you’ll receive 20+ or more designed nails!

Bad Bob Spongebob-Inspired MTO Set

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