Measure . Order . Press On

Measure . Order . Press On

The safer manicure option

Press-on nails can be worn for two
days to over two weeks, depending on the
adhesive of choice. It's the fast, safe and reusable option!

Don't know your size

No problem, we've got you covered!
Our ai-powered measurement tool quickly sizes
your fingernails with a snap of your mobile device's camera.

So much to choose from

Shop from our global network of designers.
Designs can be customized by shape and length,
or contact the designer directly to create something truly unique!

Using a standard-sized card, Nailstry's measurement tool quickly scans your fingernails to get your perfect fit.

Nailstry Mockup 4 copy

Say it loud, for the people in the back!!!


This is how I've been keeping my nails done during quarantine since my nail salon closed. Great designs! Pretty nails!



What an amazing app! Love the concept. I like being able to search different designers in one place and the sizing tool is so convenient. Not to mention the nails are amazing! Perfect way to get your nails done through quarantine.



The developer of this app is the best! Sizing nails has been one of the trickiest parts of my press on nail journey!! I love this app and all the opportunities it has brought me!! Def recommend this app to all of us who are on the go because life believes in no breaks but we must always maintain our GLAM on point!!

Liam Ram Mommy